About Us

With offices in both Lagos, Nigeria and New York City,  saharaJETS has established itself as global leader in private charter flights, turnkey aircraft management and private aircraft acquisitions. 

Our experience and first class service has allowed us to acquire, manage and operate privately owned aircraft on behalf of leading international companies and individuals. Your safety, comfort and satisfaction are our primary concerns. Our strong relationships with Jet owners and other management companies has afforded us access to over 5,000 jets worldwide. this unique positioning allows us to provide our clients with our Best Jet Available pricing guarantee.

This experience has generated for us an ability to provide a very high level of service both domestically and internationally.

Our Mission

At saharaJETS, our top priority is to provide our clients with the highest level of safety and service in private air travel. Our safety research, and training procedures are second to none. We are dedicated to operating in a reliable and highly efficient manner.

Third-Party Verification

All saharaJETS charters are verified by BOTH Argus and Wyvern – 3rd party organizations that help to ensure safety and regulations. While many other organizations are verified by one organization or the other, saharaJETS goes the extra mile to ensure verification by both.